Pro Stockist Agreement & Trading Information

Kiara Cosmetics is a Wholesaler of “RevitaLash Cosmetics Brands” to the professional beauty industry within New Zealand.


The Stockist:

May supply RevitaLash Cosmetics products to their customers;

Must have brick-and-mortar location and shall not sell RevitaLash Cosmetics products online without prior permission from Kiara Cosmetics. Please see separate terms specific to RevitaLash® Advanced Pro. 

Shall not sub-distribute to other stockists, agents or retail outlets;

Shall not, directly nor indirectly, sub-distribute “RevitaLash Cosmetics” products to any other agent, third party platforms or retail outlet outside of New Zealand;

Shall not exhibit or sell RevitaLash Cosmetics products at flea-markets, trade-me, side-walk sales, or from any area outside the stockists listed address (web address is included as part of address) without prior permission from Kiara Cosmetics;

RevitaLash® Advanced Pro Stockist Terms 

In addition to our standard stockist terms, the following terms apply specifically for RevitaLash® Advanced Pro:

Onsite Medical Professional Requirement: The stockist is required to have a Registered Nurse or Physician available onsite on a full-time equivalent basis.

Online Sales Restriction: The stockist is prohibited to sell RevitaLash Advanced Pro online. Please consult with your account manager to determine the most effective way to promote and sell RevitaLash Advanced Pro in your clinic. Any account discovered selling RevitaLash Advanced Pro online will face account termination.

These terms outline the necessity of having a qualified medical professional onsite and the restriction on online sales for RevitaLash Advanced Pro.

Termination Clause: Please note that all the aforementioned terms are subject to the possibility of termination of the Stockist Agreement.

The Wholesaler:

Shall provide the Stockist with appropriate training material and ongoing support;

Will supply relevant graphics, logo and text for use on the Stockist’s website upon request, for general listings or listings for sale online;

Shall provide the Stockist with a price list with the recommended retail prices including GST.


We take payment via online banking, debit or credit card.

If selecting to pay via online banking, payment details will be provided at the checkout and within your order confirmation email (or quote if you have manually placed an order).

Direct deposits and internet banking payments should be made to:
Account Name: Kiara Cosmetics Ltd              
Bank: ANZ
Branch: Takapuna, Auckland              
Account Number: 06-0201-0960817-00

For faster processing/dispatch you may send a screenshot of payment to us at If paying via debit/credit card a 2.85% fee applies - we do not keep card details on file. Once we receive payment, a copy of your Xero Invoice will be sent via email for your accounting records.


When you are ready to place your first order with us please complete the below form, and indicate your opening order either below, or by emailing

Online Ordering: Following your first order with us, you will receive an invitation to activate your account for our Online Wholesale store (, please follow the instructions in this invitation email to finish setting up your account. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to place orders directly through our online store and check out via debit/credit card or online banking. 

Manual Ordering: If you need to place an order via phone or email please contact Rachna, or phone 09 415 0544. If you are a cash account please keep an eye out for a quote via email requesting pre-payment. 

20th Of The Month Accounts Placing Manual Orders: we will email you an invoice to your nominated email address. You will receive a statement on the 1st of the following month with all invoices payable on the 20th of the month.


Orders are picked once we have received confirmation of payment either via card or bank transfer. Our warehouse team will always do their best to pick and pack your orders as soon as possible. Delivery to South Island or rural addresses can add extra delivery time so please be mindful of this.

You will receive a confirmation email with tracking details once your order has been collected by the courier. All orders are currently shipped using Courier Post.

Courier charge is as per Freight & Handling Protocol for your area. All courier charges are subject to change without notice.

Free National Shipping on all orders $1,000 + GST. Please note, orders under $250 exc. gst will incur an additional handling fee of $5 + gst.

It is the Stockist’s responsibility to check the order upon its receipt. Discrepancies must be brought to our attention via email to within three business days of delivery.

Please note we do not offer drop shipping directly to your customers. It is your responsibility to courier individual orders. 


90 Day Product Promise

We hope your customers fall in love with our products, however if a customer receives a faulty product, is unable to use the product due to severe irritation or they do not get a result after 90 days of use for RevitaLash Advanced, RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive and RevitaBrow Advanced; we’ll send you a replacement or credit your account for the full amount of the purchase, less your original shipping & handling. 

  • Faulty and Damaged Products: We store and package all items with the utmost of care to ensure that product will reach you in perfect condition. Any damages must be brought to our attention within three business days of delivery.
  • Customer Reactions: While RevitaLash has an excellent safety profile, there is still a small number of users unable to use RevitaLash Cosmetics due to allergic reactions. If a customer experiences any swelling this is an indication of an allergic reaction, please advise the customer to discontinue use immediately.
  • No Results: RevitaLash Cosmetics have a “No Results” policy in place for the following products; RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner 2ml (RLA002) and 3.5ml (RLA035), and RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner 3ml (RBA003). The customer must have used the product for a minimum of 90 days before claiming “No Results”.

For all returns as listed above, please request a Returns Form from Kiara Cosmetics. Once the form has been completed and submitted by the Stockist, Kiara Cosmetics will then confirm if it meets returns requirements - please do not accept the product back from the customer prior to this confirmation. Upon receiving the returns confirmation from Kiara Cosmetics, the Stockist can then accept the product back from the customer. Kiara Cosmetics will request the return of this product and issue a replacement of the same product or will credit the Stockist’s account on receipt of product.

Kiara Cosmetics does not supply any of the RevitaLash Cosmetics brand on consignment or Sale/Return unless arranged prior. 


Kiara Cosmetics is responsible of upholding the brand image of RevitaLash Cosmetics in New Zealand. All social media, website branding and marketing material must meet the RevitaLash Cosmetics Brand Requirements - Kiara Cosmetics will supply logo files, product images and social media content that meet these requirements. Stockists must not make changes or alter these files in any way.

The stockist must use full brand name 'RevitaLash Cosmetics' and complete product name e.g 'Hi Def Brow Gel' in all communication.

The Stockist may not use RevitaLash Cosmetics brand names, trademarks or material provided by Kiara Cosmetics for any purpose, including advertising or on internet websites, without prior approval. Any print advertising of RevitaLash Cosmetics must be authorised by Kiara Cosmetics.

The Stockist may not make any unsubstantiated claims in the name of RevitaLash Cosmetics.


A limited number of samples and/or testers are available for salon/staff use or giveaways only and must not be retailed. Promotional items such as display units, samples for staff use, decals, images, counter cards and brochures etc. are available as per our order form.


Kiara Cosmetics will supply the Stockist with exclusive social media imagery and captions to share via social media platforms.

Due to licensing restrictions influencer content is unable to be reshared without explicit permission. Unauthorised use of content may result in charges for influencers fees.

We encourage Stockists to tag @RevitaLashNewZealand into their social media posts which will allow us to reshare and promote your business/services.

Instagram @RevitaLashNewZealand #RevitaLashNZ #MyRevitaLashes

Facebook @RevitaLashNewZealand


Kiara Cosmetics shall not be liable for any loss, damage or personal injury sustained by the Stockist or the Stockist’s customers, as a result of the use of RevitaLash Cosmetics products, except to the extent provided for by legislation.


I have read and agree to abide by the written terms and conditions as presented to me by Kiara Cosmetics. I understand that in order to remain an approved stockist of RevitaLash Cosmetics I must:

  • Adhere to minimum annual spend of $2,000.
  • Not re-sell Testers and/or Samples(exclusively available accompanied with full size product)
  • I will ensure that I, and any staff members I may employ will attend any available RevitaLash training where possible or will read/watch the training material provided.

  • Any advertising featuring logos, including but not limited to: sign writing/decals/written material/website, must be authorised by Kiara Cosmetics.